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At Five14 we provide access to housing, recovery house rental assistance, support for drug addiction recovery, transportation, access to trauma informed therapy, financial assistance for healthcare and prescriptions, and food and clothing assistance.




Five14 provides financial assistance through our benevolence program. In order for the women we work with to succeed, they need a firm foundation. We often financially support women for their first month at a sober-living house, which provides them with safe housing while they apply for necessary identification, attend all mandatory meetings, and pursue gainful employment. We also provide financial assistance for transportation, utilities, housing, groceries, counseling services, and medical/dental needs. All benevolence requests are subject to a set criteria and are evaluated for eligibility and decided upon by our board.

Five14 Revolution provides women that have been accepted into our program with referrals to area organizations that can assist with services such as long-term sober-living housing, vocational rehabilitation, counseling, medical care, and dental care. We have developed a wide network of partnerships with incredible organizations in our community to help meet the diverse needs of the population of women we serve. Starting over and seeking these services out can be overwhelming, which is why Five14 is committed to walking alongside women and facilitating this important process.

Our storehouse is a place where women can come to receive free baby care items, household cleaning supplies, and personal toiletries every month. The storehouse meets needs, but more than that, it provides a place for women to connect with our team and develop the relationships that can encourage and inspire them.

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